Commitment to green

We strive to create unique, beautiful, versatile, durable, high-functioning, maturing products that can be uniquely and intimately enjoyed in spaces throughout homes and businesses. By combining current technology and detailed craftsmanship, we are pleased, every day, to create something that is steeped in architectural history; has endless design and color opportunity; is environmentally sustainable and price-competitive.

1.) We Locally-Source Supplies:
Our sand and stone come from local pits, resulting in minimal transportation costs.
We choose recycled products and massively abundant resources like sand.
For cement we choose Dragon Cement-local, updated, efficient, cement plant.

2.) Transportation:
Our Bio-Diesel Supply and Delivery Trucks are fueled by the bio-diesel we make in our shop. Our key sources of the re-used fry-oil come from our friends at very local restaurants.

3.) Commitment to Recycling:
Maximum re-use of forms and molds and shop waste.

4.) Our concrete counters can be used other concrete structures at the end of their use-life.

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