Here are a few of our projects—at least the projects where either we happened to remember the camera or our loving customers sent along some photos.  Enjoy.

Iconic Delivery
This double vanity arrived via the 3rd floor window. It's a large aggregate version of StoneCraft's Iconic Ice, constructed primarily with discarded glass from a local glass-maker.

Great View
Our rugged vanity gets a good look at the Portland, ME skyline from the new law offices of Drummond Woodsum on the Back Bay.

This technique adds the dimension of another color and a bit of 'movement' to the piece.

Strong & Simple 
These 3 inch thick counters gave us the opportunity to integrate a ramped drain board with grooves while we minimized the seam.

Collection as Aggregrate
If it’s meaningful to you and it doesn’t absorb water--we can probably make it part of a great looking piece.  That’s what we did with these very cool pieces of seashells and seaglass.

The subtle swirls of deep red flames help keep this cottage warm throughout the long, cold Maine winter.

Forever Young
This high-functioning kitchen is all set for the children to begin to eat you out of house and home--all while you easily remember the years when you could just eat up their little toes.

You Gotta Give A Little
The treads on this steel spiral staircase started out as granite but they lacked the flexibility needed and they snapped. Our treads handle double the static load and are now happily enjoying the give and take of life as a stairtread.

Detailed measuring and attention to the craft allows our counter to butt up against the farm style porcelain sink...and look great.

Portland Loft- Fireplace Surround
Our finishing touch--a carbon-colored surround with relief design--it’s the hottest spot of this cool downtown loft.

Azure Café Bar in Freeport
You can walk your new LL Bean boots over and lean on this bar.  Its color is Jersey Cream with glass inlays and a stylish, gray serpentine seam.

The color: patina-ed (or aged) copper,
The inlay: flecks of copper, thus matching the light fixtures of copper

Some ‘Touch-Ups’ Remain in Scarborough
In this situation, Scott felt that a graphite-colored counter with backsplash and an integrated drainboard would simultaneously highlight the soapstone undermount sink and enhance the light blue-colored insulation backing.

This bench is admittedly a bit of a simpleton, but he’s still so loveable.

Once the wrapping paper was removed from the cabinets, it all worked out fine.

Ebony Acid Stain
A white vessel sink sits on a custom vanity base and an Ebony-colored acid stained top. 

Hand-Blown Glass
We truly believe that the professional glass blower that contributed the amazing color to this piece, would be extremely proud of the final destination for his shattered creations.


A Perfect Storm
A Nectarine acid stain on this island and Storm Green acid stain on the counters.

Black…. what goes with that?
Carbon-colored StoneCraft counters.

High Expectations
It starts with a simple Mirage-colored counter with a large undermount sink, the next thing you know we’ve poured every surface in the kitchen and we’re charging into the loft, attempting to meet the expectations of Duke Blue Devil and New England Patriots’ fans. –To see how we did…see our ‘Admirers’ section.

No Licking
This dreamy creamsicle is Jersey Cream with Moonlight swirls.

Moss-colored, because our counters are not rolling anywhere and they are not technically a stone.

Shapely Sink
The color is Smoke with a teardrop shaped stainless undermount sink.

Granite Redux
We know we can’t stop granite from happening, we can only hope to contain it.

Match This
Our client, a bread-maker, chose the Dovetail Gray with glass marble inlays that match the cabinetry in her cozy home “DownEast”.

Ohayo Gozaimasu (Good Morning)
These Dune-colored wave bowls are the perfect transition between Asian artistry, classic Greek tile design and your morning smile.

No Competition
Staring at the fire used to be enough; then, the plasma TV took-over---at least for awhile; but now, gazing at our Carbon-colored surrounds with inlayed mirror flecks represents the best in home entertainment.

Scott and this client finished their weekend Jenga tournament and then designed these Graphite counters to work with the white cabinetry and natural light of the kitchen.

Cutting Corners
These Mirage counters utilize ‘clipped’ corners attractive and safer for 36” high heads.

Hot Water
The lines on these Graphite-colored counters help keep this space simple.  The kitchen adheres to a couple basic tenets: 18,000 BTUs boils water really fast and StoneCraft concrete tops look stunning anywhere.

Dark Wood Cabinets
Titanium counters to complement the rich cabinets and glass doors.

Aruba Splash
This is our Aruba Blue counter with a rock-faced finish and a very splashy blacksplash.

Let the Light Shine On
The cabinet lighting in this bold kitchen brings out the beautiful.

StoneCraft custom-shaping is incredible, but the real hero is, of course, our brave donor.

Free of Waste
The shapes in this kitchen highlight the fact that our custom shaping wastes no material.  Our snip-offs need no snipping, and our cut-outs are not really cut-outs, they’re more like ‘made-outs’.

Aging Gracefully
Built at the turn of the century, Scott’s first countertop--complete with integrated sink.

Lois’ Natural Marketplace
With our locally-sourced aggregate, bio-diesel fueled delivery vehicle, and natural colorants, we’re a natural fit for a great place like Lois’ Natural Marketplace in Scarborough.

Our Moonlight color looks great day or night.

Double Ovals
Double vanity with oval-shaped bowls and our Rasberry-colored topping.

Matching Radius
The large island has an 18” overhang at the center and its designed to match the elegant shape of the circlehead windows that reside over our custom Carbon-colored Farm-Style sink.

Cantilever Believer
This Carbon-colored island received a ‘light grind’, resulting in minimal aggregate exposure and a honed finish.  The raised bar has a trapezoid shape with a convex side that has a 2’ overhang at its maximum.

Small Space Big Impact
Our 2” tops are the right choice for these downtown apartment kitchens that feature exposed brick and Titanium-colored pieces.  In the bath we help maximize space as the oval bowl vanities have an attached shelf.

This unique design utilizes recycled glass, a 2-way drain board and a ‘heavy grind’, resulting in maximum aggregate exposure.

Island Adventure
By utilizing our valued client for the heavy lifting we were able to finish this Mirage-colored, glass-inlayed installation on Peak’s island well before the Ferry arrived.  For those still interested, our subsequent adventure included a spooky tour of ‘less decorative’ concrete bunkers and watch towers built during WWI.  Unsurprisingly, Scott got tired and started whining, so his obedient puppy Sam had to give him some help down an icy--albeit scenic--slope.  Meanwhile, Kevin was fantasizing about his next delivery truck while risking a backside full of birdshot from the owner who had several other pieces of roadside modern art in his yard.

We enjoyed showing off a bit with these Brick Red counters that feature an integrated trivet and 2 custom counter tiles.  The hearth is also brick red while the Moonlight double vanity has stainless initials inlayed.

This poolhouse has our Aruba Blue and Natural Gray blended together, possibly to reflect more realistic Maine skies.

Decorative Function
The Graphite counters include a drain board, integrated sink and well-placed stainless trivets.  Clearly is a place to gather.

Olive Branch
The soft lighting and warm maple floors are the perfect setting for our Olive Branch colors and functional Farm-Style sink.

Cockles and Mussels
This Aruba Blue vanity has Moonlight swirls along with mussel and seashell inlays.

Raising the Bar
Dovetail Gray on top of an interestingly-shaped undermount sink and flowing nicely with the raised bar of maple.

Around the Hickory
Smooth lines wend their way around these visually-interesting hickory cabinets.

Custom Backsplash
Like our counters, StoneCraft backsplashes are custom-colored and shaped.  In this case we custom-sized the backsplash to fit perfectly under window trim

A big stainless steel backdrop highlights our Espresso-colored counters.

Cool Looking Warmth
Natural Gray fireplace surround with a rock-faced finish on the hearth.

Attracting Light
Let the light shine on these Carbon-colored counters with custom bottom bevel and a honed finish.

Straight and True
Long drain board lines and a straight shot across the double undermount for this Titanium-colored piece.

Sweeping Views
The Dovetail-colored counters and mantel--along with the carbon colored custom vanity--match the motif in this 5th floor Portland condo with its incredible woodwork and sweeping city views.

If you’re looking for high-function and a simple match with your kitchen accents, StoneCraft custom colors--or in this case, Dovetail Gray with a heavy grind--are where to look.

Our Moonlight-colored shelf looks very good in red.

Staining up a Storm
This is our Storm-Green Acid staining.  Neither our words nor these pictures capture its essence.

Big Tubbah’ No Trouble
It was a bit of a challenge installing radiant heat in this 71/2’x5’ tub with the Custom Patina-color.  So we left the heavy lifting of the 6th floor delivery to a larger entity.

The Moonlight and Carbon counters of this kitchen come together are blended together on the bar counter that connects the dining area.

Non-traditional Commercial Installation
A glass counter inlay on this Titanium-colored counter brings a professional appearance while joining in the fun of the stressed cabinetry.

Southeast Kitchen
The compass rose etching in the hearth points straight to the airy kitchen with Graphite-colored tops.

Whiteheart Bar in Portland
This hopping hot spot has a Natural Gray bar and vanities.

Sunday River
The last run of the day is across these counters--with something warm and delicious.

StoneCraft karma is good karma


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